Iredell County Home Builders General Membership Meeting
October 14th 2014 @ 6:30 PM

Darren Campbell

Darren Campbell

Darren Campbell, Iredell County Sheriff Candidate will be our keynote speaker. 

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Call: 704-881-0535

He will speak on local Iredell County issues and be available for questions.  Here is an excerpt from his website:

I have had two main goals since the beginning of my career with the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office. I began this career path in 1993 as a reserve deputy and have been blessed to work in a wide range of responsibilities. Today, my goals are largely still the same. Protecting the citizens of Iredell County and working to become the Sheriff. I was raised here, and now I am raising my own family in Iredell. This gives me a special appreciation for our citizens and a true love of this county. I understand through my own unique set of experiences that creating a responsive Sheriff’s Office doesn’t just happen. Building a successful office takes teamwork and a partnership with the citizens to seek justice and make a stand against criminals. We are confronted with all types of criminals from drug smugglers to home invaders and must work together to keep our community safe.

Throughout my career I have been committed to the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office. I have worked diligently to move through the ranks based on my merit and experience. I believe that strong family values, trust in your faith, along with high moral and ethical standards are the keys to providing professional law enforcement. I know what it takes to be attentive to complaints and problems of the citizens. I have always taken pride in the fact that no problem is too big or too small for a Deputy Sheriff. I feel that being able to draw upon my many years of experience including: Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team commander, conducting narcotic investigations, handling a K-9, working the road patrol, and supervising the Criminal Investigations Division will help me target those who wish to harm the citizens of Iredell County.

With your support, I will strive to make Iredell County the safest place to raise a family, worship and grow a business.

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